From The President:

Brothers and Sisters,
We are honored to have as our speaker for this April lodge meeting, State Representative, Cyndi Stevenson of District 17 Florida House. She will speak on current legislative movement and bills. She will also be discussing the new laws concerning schools and guns which were made after the latest school shooting in Parkland Florida. Cyndi is a former St. Johns County Commissioner and is still very in tune with our community.

Below is a BIO on State Representative Stevenson

Cyndi Stevenson is a Florida native and more than thirty year resident of Northeast Florida. She was elected in April 2015 as State Representative for Florida House District 17 which lies entirely within the boundaries of St. Johns County. In her session as a State Representative she voted to reduce state taxes by over $400 million; eliminate job killing regulations and helped block the expansion of entitlement spending. As a St. Johns County Commissioner she has been a champion for streamlining government by reducing overly burdensome regulation and voting numerous times to cut our taxes to help grow our businesses and create jobs for the future. All while working to increase public safety and our quality of life.

Please make sure you make it to the meeting this month. This will be a very informative presentation on what is happening to our schools and our gun rights.

If you need to pay dues or get your access card made please show up around 5:00 pm so we can get this accomplished.

I am at your service,

Ronald S. Faircloth President
Fraternal order of Police Lodge 113
St. Johns County Florida