If you submitted a request for membership and did not receive an email with the application link from us on April 27, 2022, your request could not be filled this month as we have met our limit in processing.  Individual responses are not feasible due to the volume of requests.  Please check back here for the announcement of June 2022 open enrollment. 

(Updated 04/27/2022) 


***We do not maintain a wait list.*** 

When enrollment is open, you must request an electronic application via email by scrolling to the bottom of this page and submitting a request to join.  Do not do this until you have read the information below.  Repeated requests will ALL be discarded and will not receive a reply.

  • Determine your membership type as defined below.
  • You must indicate if you are active/retired Law Enforcement or Corrections or a Civilian in your request to apply.
  • Active/Retired LEO/CORR must advise if there is prior FOP membership.
  • If you apply and do not complete the application process by the deadline by May 2, 2022, your application will be placed inactive and you may apply again in six months.
  • If you cannot attend the membership meeting on May 16, 2022, at 6:00pm, do not request an application. No exceptions.
  • Applications must be finalized no later than May 2, 2022.
  • Applicants must successfully pass a background check, as applicable.

Requests for membership not providing the

required information will not be processed.


Reinstatement of Lapsed Membership:  If you have previously been a member and your membership lapsed due to non-registration for 2021, and are seeking reinstatement of membership, complete a Contact Us form to receive information on what you need to do to re-activate your membership.

As the Fraternal Order of Police, our priority processing of applications for membership is for Active / Retired Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers.  We will process civilian applications for an Associate Membership on a limited and controlled basis.  The number of applications being processed will be contingent upon the number of applications received from Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers.

Types of Membership

We offer three types of memberships which include:

  • Member:  Open to active or retired law enforcement or corrections officers.  If you are not currently active or retired LEO/CORR, you must provide verification of a minimum of ten years of active LEO/CORR service to be approved for this membership.  Active LEO/ CORR are exempt from the background check but, may be subject to complete a background check at any time during membership with Lodge #113, at the expense of the member.  Members have voting rights on lodge business.

 If you are or have been a member of another FOP Lodge, you will need to verify you have been removed from their roster before you can join Lodge #113.  You will need to include a letter from your lodge secretary with your application as well as having that letter sent from your lodge secretary to FOP #113 Secretary at secretary@sjcfop113.org.

  • Range Membership: Available by prior approval only to active or retired law enforcement/corrections officers who must maintain membership with another FOP lodge for collective bargaining or retirement benefits. 
  • Associate Membership:  Open to military members and civilians.  Applicants are subject to a background check at their expense.  Associate Members have access to the range and lodge; they do not have voting rights on lodge business.
Application Process
  • Request an application according to membership type
  • Submit online application
  • Submit documents via email when requested
  • Submit payment for a background check, as applicable
  • Approved applicants are invited to a meeting to get voted on and sworn in
  • Attend a membership meeting
  • Electronically sign Range Rules and Waiver
  • Make $200 Annual Fee payment via emailed payment lin

Upon submitting a Petition for Membership with Lodge #113, the applicant must agree to a thorough background check.  Additionally, background checks will be conducted during the course of membership as set by the Board of Directors.  The applicant/member is responsible for any fee related to the background check.


Have a question, comment, or need information about use of facilities, membership, programs, etc…?

Review the Membership Page information prior to submitting an inquiry on membership with FOP #113.


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