Our Lodge has a meeting room with audio/visual equipment, making it the perfect venue for your training, conference, or meeting, or party.  Our staff will be available to ensure your A/V equipment works efficiently during your event.  We also have a conference room which provides for a private environment to have your board meetings or smaller office meetings where you are looking for a change of scenery.  The conference room offers use of the SMART Board, SMART TV.   Internet access for web-based meeting and conference calling capabilities is available.   

We have a fully equipped commercial kitchen for our chef who can work with you to meet the needs of your event.  Any use of the kitchen for food preparation, refrigeration or warming requires staff on site.  Ice is available for use at no fee.   

We offer eight-foot conference tables and cushioned chairs for your event along with high-top tables to increase socializing.

The Lodge has portable bars which are available to rent inside the Lodge for service and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages which requires an FOP bartender.   There is an additional deposit if there is on-site alcohol consumption.  Sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.   

The Coby Seckinger Bat Cave is accessible for members only.  Associate Members and guests are not permitted.   

The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #113 maintains a gun range open to our members, range members,  and associate members.  Our range operates 24/7 year-round.  

We have a 75yard rifle range and four pistol bays available.  Each range has covered shelter, ceiling fans, and lighting for nighttime shooting, set on timers.

Shooters should bring the required materials for shooting such as targets and stands, as well as your eyes and ear protection.  If you run out of ammunition, we have an ammunition vending machine in the meeting room inside the Lodge. 

For liability purposes, our FOP property is not available for private training which includes and is not limited to concealed weapons courses, security licensing, and HR 218/LEOSA.  Any member or associate member found to be conducting training without the direct authorization of the FOP Lodge #113 Board of Directors may be immediately expelled from the Lodge without further consideration and trespassed from the property.  Any student participating in unauthorized training will be removed from the property immediately.  Associate members who participate in unauthorized training will be expelled from the Lodge without further consideration.   Utilizing the “guest” privilege to conduct training is prohibited. 

Prohibited training includes any training being conducted on FOP #113 property without the approval of the Training Coordinator.   

FOP Lodge #113, the Board of Directors, or Members are not responsible for any injuriesdeaths, or damage to personal property arising from unauthorized training on our property.   

A waiver of liability must be signed by each member and associate member and on file with FOP #113 prior to using the range. 

Range reservations must be approved by the Use of Facility Coordinator. Gun Ranges have message boards which advise on the reservation status.  This indicates the bay will be closed due to a training event being held on the range.  Please be respectful to the instructors and students as they are authorized to use the facility.  If there is an issue or concern please, contact the Use of Facility Coordinator.  The range cannot be reserved for private training.  Most events, unless reserved without advanced notice, will be posted on the event calendar.  

All members and associate members are required to sign the electronic copy of the range rules.  Violations of the range rules may result in suspension of membership. View the Range Rules Now.  

We take pride in our facilities and expect the same from our members and associate members, as well as their guests.  We understand there will be normal wear and tear however, anyone found to be intentionally destroying property will be expelled from the Lodge, forfeit dues, be trespassed from the property and be subject to criminal prosecution and restitution.  Anyone observing destruction of FOP property should be a good witness and provide any pertinent information to identify the violators without jeopardizing personal safety. 

To avoid damaging the property please, adhere to the following in addition to the Range Rules: 

  • Do not drive your vehicle onto the range or past the shoot house. 
  • Pick up your brass and place it in the approved container or take it with you. 
  • Discard any items used as targets in the dumpster. 
  • Skeet shooting is prohibited. 
  • Tannerite or any other explosive is prohibited. 

Members and Associate Members are permitted to bring three guests with them.  Guests must remain in sight of the member or associate member as all time.  The registered member or associate member is responsible for the actions of the guest.  Guest access is a privilege and not guaranteed with membership. 

***This policy is currently under review and maybe amended at any time.  

Fees for use of facility depend on the options you choose.  Please contact our Event Coordinator to discuss your event needs. View the Range Rules here. 


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