May 6, 2021:

No one is in jeopardy of losing their membership or access during the registration process.  We appreciate your patience.  We have made significant progress and are moving to close the registration process in the coming weeks after we have the help dates at the Lodge.  Registrations for 2021 will close for current members to renew 30 days after the last help date at the Lodge, which is yet to be determined.

2021 Registration Update

The registration link was emailed to everyone with an email address on record and who does not have an arrearage on their account.  If you have not received the registration email you need to contact us if you wish to maintain membership. 

We have processed all profiles who have successfully completed the registration process.

If you verified your personal information and submitted your driver’s license, CCW, credentials, military, etc…as applicable, and did not receive the payment link within 24 hours, you did not submit your documents correctly.  Documents in this step do not include the range rules and waiver.  To correct this and receive the payment link, you must submit your documents to [email protected] .  

  • Help Dates:  We will have staff available to assist you with the registration process at the Lodge in the coming weeks.  Help Dates will be posted here and emailed.  
  • Range Rules & Waiver:  All members were sent the email to e-sign the Range Rules and Waiver from Adobe Sign during the week of March 8, 2021.  If you have not signed these documents we will re-send the email upon reconciliation of member profiles. 
  • Payment Link:  The payment link is sent within 24 hours of  proper submittal of your documents.  If you did not receive the payment link, you documents were not properly submitted.  You will need to submit your documents as an attachment to [email protected] . 
  • Payment:  We are only accepting electronic payments through the link which is sent after completion of the registration process.  
  • Maintaining Membership:  This registration process must be completed to maintain your membership with FOP Lodge #113. We will attempt to contact those who have not completed their registration process to ensure completion.  Upon closing the registration period, those who have not completed the registration will be deactivated after 30 days.
  • FOP Emails:  If you are not receiving our emails or, if you have changed your email address, please, complete the CONTACT US below to update your email.


Registration Process

Step 1:  You will receive an email asking you to verify your information.  Enter your current information and submit.

Step 2:   You will receive an email requesting you submit your documents as required by your membership status.

Upon receipt of the email, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the email
  2. Click REPLY
  3. Click “add attachment” or the paperclip icon
  4. Locate your document(s) and attach.  Repeat if necessary.
  5. Click SEND

You can place your documents on one attachment as a PDF or JPEG.  Do not “insert” the images or documents; they must be attached.  Do not use your cell phone or iPad to complete this step as your documents are “inserted”.  Your documents will be then be emailed back to FOP for inclusion in your member profile.

Step 3: After FOP confirms you submitted proper documents, you will then receive the payment link to pay your annual fee which remains at $200, if it is due.  You do not need to send/email your receipt to FOP.

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 Video Courtesy of BJ Hall