Frequently Asked Questions 

A. Yes.  Our Lodge is available for rent and will hold 100-160, depending on the table/seating arrangement you select.  The venue rental fee is dependent upon services needed.  A Use of Facilities agreement must be signed to use the Lodge for your event.

A. Catering is available for private events through Olivia Rose Catering, featuring Chef Stephen “Beanie” Masters, a local favorite.  Olivia Rose Catering will work with you to customize your menu to make your event successful.  Food from outside vendors is not permitted with the exception of dessert. 

A. Alcoholic beverages may be served by an FOP #113 bartender.  Private alcohol service/consumption is prohibited.

A. We have an Associate Membership for those who are not active or retired law enforcement or corrections.  We accept applications for an Associate Membership during periods of open enrollment which are announced on the Membership page of our website.   

A:  Yes.  You will need to obtain a Letter of Demit from your lodge and send it with your application before we can process you as a member in Lodge #113.   FOP Bylaws prohibit membership in two lodges so you will need to be removed from the roster at your current lodge before we can accept an application for membership with Lodge #113.

A:  Each member or associate member can bring up to three guests at a time.  The guest must be within sight and sound of the member or associate member while on the FOP property.   You are responsible for all actions of your guests.  It is your responsibility to be sure all range rules are followed. The “guest privilege” may not be used to conduct any type of training.

NOTE:  This policy is current under legal review and is subject to change. 

A:  Yes.  Our HR 218 courses are available four times per year, during the first month of each quarter.  Announcements for the HR 218 can be found on the Announcements page as well as on the calendar and on our Facebook page.  We do not maintain a waiting list.  Valid retired credentials are required to qualify.  Cost is $50 paid to the instructor.

A:  No.  Use of the facilities is extended to the card holder and up to three guests.  The card holder must be present, and remain on premises, at all times. 

A:  Members and Associate Members are prohibited from conducting any type of training on FOP property and are jeopardizing membership and/or range privileges in doing so.   All training is coordinated through the Lodge.  FOP #113 offers various training opportunities throughout the year.   

A.  No.  Tannerite or anything similar is prohibited. 

A.  No,  we do not have the facilities to accommodate skeet shooting. 


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